Our Mission is to Deliver a Solution

Our Mission
The Prize of the SEED Homes solution:

• The rejuvenation and consolidation of local communities embracing different generations and varying incomes by building SEED Homes that more people can afford

• The provision of sustainable SEED Homes for people with local connections and therefore the ability to establish themselves if only housing could be affordable

• To link those who need houses with those who are responsible for delivering them; this embodies a positive collaboration between planner, housebuilder, landowner and the would-be homeowner

• To build healthy homes free of chemicals, synthetic and potentially toxic materials, SEED Homes will be healthier and safer living environments

• SEED Homes will use 73% less energy and 50% less water for living than the average house

• Jobs and training for local people, work for local factories, use of locally sourced raw materials

• Well-designed homes, which may be adapted to the specific location and budget, available with private and communal garden space, allotments and shared energy resources

• A fair business model that will allow the creation and safeguarding of jobs as well as the continual evolution of our mission. This business model could be replicated throughout the country

• And we want to share our experience, impart what we have learnt and help others deliver a sustainable and sensible housing solution for the people who need it most

• A holistic approach to housing – enhancing the social fabric and meeting urgent environmental concerns while deriving proportionate commercial profit. SEED Homes are sustainable homes to build AND live in