A visit to Fforest to view the manufacture of the Elm Cottage components

25th March 2013


Mr and Mrs Hunterof Elm Cottage, along with Peter Lawley of SEED Homes visited Fforest Timber Engineer's Swansea factory to view the panels and trusses of Elm Cottage being assembled. Brian Philips, SHEQ manager at Fforest, led the factory tour explaining each stage of how Fforest construct the building elements from timber storage to timber treatment.


Fforest's factory has all the equipment neccessary to manufacture most timber frame components including the manchiinery and licence to produce Wolf Easi-joists, the basis of SEED's wall system. they also have their own treatment plant which uses a double vacuum process and Vacsol Aqua water based, biodegradable timber preservative. the advantage of treatment on site is that timber can be treated after cutting to length, rather than before leaving unprotected cut-ends. Fforest use a dye to ientify their trated timber, leading to the distinctive pink timber frames.


The process is mechanised, but panels are still assembled by hand and this process requires a high level of skill to produce extremely accurate building elements. Fforest demand tollerances of as little as 5mm on groundworks.The images below show panels for Elm Cottage being fabricated, studs laid out on the bench and the tongue and groove cladding being added and nailed to the studs.

For more information about Fforest's services visit www.fforest.co.uk