Elm Cottage first floor panels in place

24th April 2013

The latest photos from Elm Cottage show the first floor panels almost completed and the roof trusses on the single storey section in place.

The site team have made great progress on the timber structure of Elm Cottage with nearly all of the first floor walls now up. They have also fitted the roof trusses over the bedroom wing which is to have a cold roof - ie insulation at ceiling level.

As the photos show the weather-resistant flooring is in place on the first floor. This acts as part of the structure of the building and hence must be fitted in advance of the first floor panels being set in place. the following week will see the webbed-rafters being fitted before boarding is fitted to the underside of the warm-roofs (here insulation is fitted between the rafters).

The large openings that can be seen will house the two storey bay window to the front of the house and the large  glazed sunspce to the courtyard side. This is designed to maximise solar gain by facing almost due south, allowing the sun to heat the interior all year around.